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Updates On The Fundraising Kachumbari.

In a bid to generate support for local development needs through local philanthropy, the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals(KAFP) and Yetu Initiative entered into a partnership in December 2016, to jointly develop a regional resource mobilisation product dubbed, “the fundraising kachumbari”.

The fundraising kachumbari is a series of workshops held quarterly, in three regions namely; Western Kenya Region, Mount Kenya Region, and the Coastal Region. The workshop is designed with the intention of upgrading the participants’ resource mobilisation skills by nurturing and cultivating local fundraising strategies.

Between April–June 2017, a total of three workshops has been held and attended by 41 participants.In Kisumu for example, participants attended a session on Fundraising Using Special Events.Here, they were taken through the different strategies to initiate events within their community to raise resources.The session supported their networking efforts by giving them an opportunity to meet and discuss experiences, challenges, and opportunities with fundraisers they had not met before.Additionally, participants were equipped with the know-how of what they needed to do to run a successful event.

Kindly download the Fundraising Kachumbari Calendar here




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