KTN Joins ANDY To Drive #Nikoeducatable Campaign

The ‘Nikoeducatable’ campaign an infusion of English and Swahili meaning I am educatable, was launched on 10th May 2017.The campaign is a drive to raise funds in support for the physically challenged. Among the funding strategies that the campaign team has used is developing partnerships with organizations that align with their mission and share similar goals. Strategic partnerships can offer a slew of attractive benefits. From improving outreach efforts to enhancing programs, impact, and sustainability. Of interest is the partnership brokered with Standard Media Group. To bolster the campaign, the team were deliberate in approaching Nancy Ikahu who is currently the Marketing Manager for Standard Group Media, with a partnership proposal. Nancy has been visually impaired since birth and is largely known as an advocate for people with disabilities.

In Kenya, persons with disabilities are at a great disadvantage. Many of them endure a lot of discrimination and harassment within the community; be it in the home, school or the workplace. Speaking during the campaign launch, Nancy used her story as an example saying, ‘Persons with disabilities are not disabled, they are differently abled. Despite being legally blind, I have completed my undergraduate degree and currently pursuing my master’s degree. This campaign is a call to the public to give dreams a chance’.

The partnership with the Standard Media Group saw to it that the campaign received media publicity in the months of May and June 2017.This publicity has over the months increased the campaign’s donations and visibility. Moreover, the media group has further committed to annualizing the Nikoeducatable campaign, thereby potentially fostering continued giving programs as well as creating awareness and sensitizing the public and corporate entities on dealing with people with disabilities.

To be able to forge good partnerships, it is important to keep in mind the following:

  1. Choose a partner who aligns with your organization’s mission and core values.
  2. Prepare a value proposition: what social impact will the partner be making in the community? Will their contributions gain positive publicity?
  3. Explore non-monetary options: requesting in-kind support may help start off a relationship with a corporate giving partner on the right foot.



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