Landscape of Corporate Giving In Kenya.

With support from Aga Khan Foundation and USAID, Yetu recently released a report on the nature, trends, and engagements of corporate philanthropy in Kenya.

Consistent with similar studies, Manufacturing, ICT/Technology, Banking and Finance sectors emerge the most notable players having consistently given KES 1 million and above between 2014-2016 with education and skill development being the highly funded programs. According to the report, 49 percent of Kenyan corporates prefer funding education and skills development, 16 percent health, 14 percent poverty reduction, 8 percent economic and enterprise development, while 2 percent prefer funding food security and environmental development. On the other hand, 79 percent of companies in Kenya are open to providing both financial and in-kind support while 77 percent of them express high probability of establishing partnerships with Civil Society Organisations.

Further, the report has also revealed some of the approaches a non-profit can leverage on corporate philanthropy being:

•       Understanding and mapping out corporate givers, motivations of giving, the concerned department and focal person, thematic area of interest, values and missions, as well as processes and criteria for corporate philanthropy.

•       Ensure to address the deterrents: Be more accountable for support received through feedback and showing impact of the interventions supported.

•       Invest in strategic communications that provides information of the organization’s capability, capacity, program areas, partnerships, and impact in the community.

•       Draw from existing laws and policies that offer incentives to companies and ensure that their corporate partners benefit from these incentives.

•      Increase their visibility as credible partners through various private sector driven platforms

The full report can be downloaded here; https://www.issuelab.org/resource/corporate-philanthropy-in-kenya.html


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